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Expedited Permitting

The Expedited Permitting Program, Chapter 43D of the Massachusetts General Laws, provides an opportunity for our communities to promote targeted economic development of commercial and industrial projects in locally-defined "priority development sites". The Program guarantees local permitting decisions on these sites within 180 days, providing an efficient and transparent process for municipal permitting. Chapter 43D allows communities to submit an application for a particular parcel of land for commercial or industrial use in state-approved Priority Development areas, and may guarantee the completion of the permitting process within 180 days. The Act also allots funds for technical assistance from the regional planning agencies. According to Chapter 43D Priority Development areas must have certain characteristics. At least 50,000 square feet of floor space on industrially or commercially zoned land must be "eligible under applicable zoning including special permits or other discretionary permits" for development. The land must also be adjacent to existing development or under-used building facilities and with adequate water and sewer infrastructure and supplies or close to transit service. The purpose of expedited permitting is to allow communities to obtain sufficient technical assistance to execute the process of development efficiently.

More information on this program is available here at the website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.