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Economic Target Area

Click for a full size map of Economic Target Areas in the OCPC Region

The Old Colony Regional Economic Target Area (OCPC ETA) was created on November 22, 2010. The ETA consists of the following communities: Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanson, Kingston, Pembroke, Plympton, and Whitman. It will seek to attract technology-based businesses to the region. It will allow these communities to offer Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) to existing businesses and new businesses. It will allow communities easier access to federal and state funding programs such as Brownfields Clean Up grants, Community Development Action Grants (CDAG), Local Initiative Program (LIP) for housing, Growth District Initiatives (GDI) grants, Mass Opportunity Relocation and Expansion Program (MORE), Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Small Town Rural Assistance Program (STRAP) and Public Works Economic Development Program (PWED) grants. The OCPC ETA application was prepared on behalf of the communities by Old Colony Planning Council staff under the direction of OCPC Executive Director Pat Ciaramella.