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February 2017 MPO Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the Old Colony MPO Meeting, February 21, 2017, 10 AM
Old Colony Planning Council Offices, 70 School Street, Brockton, MA 02301

Signatories Present:
David Mohler, Representing Stephanie Pollack, Secretary and CEO, MassDOT
Pamela Haznar, Representing Thomas Tinlin, P.E., Administrator, MassDOT Highway Division
Eldon Moreira, Chairman, West Bridgewater Board of Selectmen
Pat Ciaramella, Executive Director, OCPC, Representing Frank Staffier, President, OCPC
Lee Hartmann, Plymouth, Representing Kenneth Tavares, Chairman, Board of Selectmen
Ray Ledoux, Administrator, Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT)
Dan Salvucci, Vice-Chairman, Whitman Board of Selectmen
Others Present:
Glenn Geiler, Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT)
Annie Lemelin, Conservation Law Foundation
Ken Miller, FHWA
Bill Shine, Independence Associates
Trey Wadsworth, MassDOT
Bruce Hughes, Old Colony Planning Council
Shawn Bailey, Old Colony Planning Council
Paul Chenard, Old Colony Planning Council
Charles Kilmer, Old Colony Planning Council
Kyle Mowatt, Old Colony Planning Council
Bill McNulty, Old Colony Planning Council
Jimmy Pereira, Old Colony Planning Council

1. Call to Order and Introductions

Chairperson Mohler called the meeting to order at 10:02 A.M. and then read the meeting accessibility statement. Those in attendance then introduced themselves.

2. Public Comments

There were no public comments.

3. Minutes of the January 17, 2016 Meeting

Chairperson Mohler asked the Signatories for comments or changes regarding the minutes of the January 21, 2017 meeting. There being no changes, the Old Colony MPO then endorsed the minutes of the January 21, 2017 Old Colony MPO Meeting.

4. Brockton Area Transit (BAT) Report

Ray Ledoux reported on the following:

Eldon Moreira inquired about BAT’s new buses. Ray Ledoux stated that there will be eight (8) new transit coaches delivered in May, and BAT is about to order another twelve (12). These new buses will bring down BAT’s average fleet age quite nicely.

5. MassDOT District 5 Briefing on Highway and Bridge Projects Under Design and Construction in the Old Colony Region

Pamela Haznar provided a briefing on Highway and Bridge Projects under Design and Construction in the Old Colony Region.

Pam Haznar stated that MassDOT had a TIP Readiness Day meeting with RPAs last week. The take home message from the meeting was to have projects ready to go as soon as possible.

6. Old Colony MPO Planning Certification Review Report

Ken Miller discussed the Old Colony MPO Planning Certification Review Report and thanked everyone that was at the Certification Review. Ken Miller also discussed some of the Recommendations under the Summary of Review Findings. They are as follows:

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Project Selection Process
A financial constraint demonstration for all modes (i.e., transit) should be cooperatively developed among MassDOT, BAT and the MPO. This will require the need for an early exchange of financial information and coordination of an acceptable format for all parties.

Congestion Management Process
In accordance with 23 CFR 450.32(c)(5), the MPO should develop a method to ensure proposed strategies consistently have an identified implementation schedule, implementation responsibilities, and possible funding sources.

MPO Organization Structure
The Old Colony MPO must work with the Boston Region MPO to clearly define and document its metropolitan planning area boundaries to ensure no overlap occurs. In accordance with 23 CFR 450.312(j), once the Governor has approved the MPA boundaries, the MPO should provide a copy of the boundaries to FHWA and FTA for informational purposes.

The MPO should conduct a comprehensive review of local representation on the board, including gathering specific feedback from entities that are not currently voting members, to determine if a change to the voting structure is warranted.

Inter-Agency Agreements and Consultation
The MPO should update its regional inter-agency MOU to include all MPOs in the Boston UZA, as defined by the 2010 U.S. Census.

The Review Team recommends updating the current MOU between the MPOs, MassDOT, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and providers of public transportation, with the intent to recognize the reorganization of the various transportation agencies under the MassDOT umbrella. This agreement was signed in 1996 and there is a need to develop a new MOU that will recognize the roles of all agencies including MassDOT.

Intermodal Transportation Coordination
Transit projects should be programmed on the TIP by the MPO in which a community sits. Transit projects located within the boundary of Plymouth should be reflected on the Old Colony TIP, at a minimum for informational purposes. Additionally, language should be added to the MPOs Metropolitan Planning Agreement committing to increased planning coordination across RTA boundaries.

Ken Miller pointed out the Commendations located on Page 8 of the Review Report. Ken Miller then stated that OCPC should come up with an action plan to address the recommendations. It could be as simple as a spreadsheet with some kind of schedule.

Pat Ciaramella stated that OCPC has drafted a letter to go out to the 4 communities that share MPOs. OCPC is asking communities to make a decision as to what MPO they want to be a part of. Discussion followed.

7. Development of the FFY 2018 Old Colony Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Charles Kilmer discussed the development of the FFY 2018 Old Colony UPWP. Charles Kilmer then directed attention to the Draft Universe of Projects Table for Element 3000.

Project: Route 106 Corridor Study from Route 3A in Kingston to Route 28 in West Bridgewater. Typically OCPC will do two (2) Corridor Studies in a Fiscal Year, but due to the distance of this study, OCPC is thinking of doing just this one (1) Study. Charles Kilmer stated that along with this project OCPC is looking to embark on the update of the Old Colony Regional Policy Plan.

8. Development of the FFY 2018-2022 Old Colony Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Charles Kilmer discussed the development of the FFY 2018-2022 Old Colony TIP. Charles Kilmer then discussed the Draft Old Colony FFY 2018-2022 TIP Projects. They are as follows:

Charles Kilmer stated that the TIP Readiness Day was a great success. It confirmed the year of programming with the exception of one project (Brockton – Corridor Improvements on Route 123 (Belmont Street), from Angus Beaton Drive to West Street). MassDOT recommends moving this project out one year to 2020.

Charles Kilmer stated that OCPC met with the Mayor of Brockton about current Brockton TIP Projects. The Mayor confirmed the City’s commitment to the Intersection Improvements @ Crescent Street (Route 27)/ Quincy Street/ Massasoit Boulevard Project and asked if this project could be moved up in the TIP. Pam Haznar stated that it would be helpful if MassDOT could get an updated design schedule for that project to see what its status is.

Ken Miller asked if the Avon – Intersection Improvements at Harrison Boulevard and Pond Street Project in Table 2 is a State Highway Project. Charles Kilmer replied by saying that it is on State Highway and is being funded with Statewide CMAQ.

9. Administrative Matters, Other Business, and Date and Time of Next Meeting(s)
· MPO Coordination and Planning Area Reform Final Rule

There were no other matters at this time.

The time of the next meeting is March 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM.

10. Adjournment

Chairperson Mohler adjourned the meeting at 10:36 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kyle Mowatt, Transportation Planner

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