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January 2017 JTC Meeting

Meeting Minutes of the Old Colony Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) at
Old Colony Planning Council
70 School Street
Brockton, MA
January 12, 2017 at 12:00 P.M.

AbingtonJohn Stone
AvonKeith Nastasia
AvonBill Fitzgerald
BridgewaterRobert B. Wood
BrocktonShane O’Brien
BrocktonRobert Moran
East BridgewaterRichard O’Flaherty
East BridgewaterJohn Haines
EastonDavid Field
EastonGreg Swan
HanoverHeidi Cho
HanoverPeter Matchak
HansonLaurie Muncy
HansonDonald H. Howard
PlymouthSid Kashi
StoughtonNoreen O'Toole
StoughtonCraig Horsfall
WhitmanDan Salvucci
BATRay Ledoux
BATGlenn Ann Geiler
BATMichael Blondin
MassDOT District 5Timothy J. Kochan
MassRIDESSamantha Devine
Safe Routes to SchoolMoss Lynch
Massasoit Community CollegePhil Sheppard
CDM SmithDan Murphy
OCPCEric Arbeene
OCPCShawn Bailey
OCPCCharles Kilmer
OCPCPaul Chenard
OCPCRay Guarino
OCPCJim Watson
OCPCPat Ciaramella
OCPCKyle Mowatt
  1. Call to Order and Introductions
    Chairperson Noreen O’Toole called the meeting to order at 12:02 P.M. and then read the Meeting Accessibility Statement. Those present then introduced themselves.
  2. Public Comments
    Shane O’Brien thanked OCPC for their help on the City of Brockton’s Complete Streets Policy which scored a 100.
    Dan Salvucci stated that Whitman has been given permission to exclude heavy vehicles on Washington Street. Mr. Salvucci has given instructions to the DPW to order the heavy vehicle exclusion signs.
    Don Howard thanked OCPC for their help in Hanson with regard to the Plymouth County Hospital.
    Samantha Devine from MassRIDES introduced herself.
  3. Minutes of the November 10, 2016 Meeting
    Chairperson Noreen O’Toole asked if the members had reviewed the minutes of the November 10, 2016 Meeting. The members then unanimously endorsed the minutes of the November 10, 2016 Old Colony JTC Meeting.
  4. Communications
    Shawn Bailey reviewed the contents of the communications staff report. Included were letters of correspondence, as well as notices of workshops and conferences.
  5. Reports
    1. Brockton Area Regional Transit Authority (BAT)
      Ray Ledoux stated that last week BAT held their semi-annual meeting with the Councils on Aging in the region. There was discussion about new requirements which MassDOT may pass on to some of the COAs who have vehicles under the transportation bond bill.
      Ray Ledoux stated that OCPC is working on analyzing data to expand service for the aging population, and also continuing work on Title VI program.
      BAT will be receiving two (2) transit coaches in May or June, and twelve (12) more coaches will be ordered soon.
    2. Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
      Paul Chenard stated that the Pembroke/Hanover shuttle is having some timing issues on the round trip. GATRA is looking to get that round trip time to under an hour.
      GATRA recently put together a GIS map of all their bus stops.
    3. South Coast Rail Project
      Paul Chenard had no update on the South Coast Rail Project.
      Noreen O'Toole stated that the Town of Stoughton is looking at developing quiet zones. There is a developer that would like to build some units, so Stoughton is trying to alleviate some of the horn noise from the train.
  6. Old Business
    1. FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Implementation
      Charles Kilmer reviewed the project updates within the FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). They are as follows:
      o 25% Package received by MassDOT (as of 11/16/2016).
  7. New Business
    1. Downtown Bridgewater Plan (District Local Technical Assistance)
      Eric Arbeene provided a presentation on the Downtown Bridgewater Plan.
      The goal of the Downtown Bridgewater Plan is to determine the type of development that can be supported by the market, to identify where there are key development opportunities and to develop strategies for the Town to attract desired development in the Downtown. The study begins by analyzing a number of existing conditions, including a review of demographic and socioeconomic conditions, as well as the existing land use and zoning within the study area. OCPC staff then analyzed key retail and housing market data to develop recommendations to enhance the area in order to better support current local businesses, to broaden the current customer base, and to attract additional targeted development.
      Noreen O'Toole asked what the Business Recognition Program was. Eric Arbeene explained that it is a program that features a selected business monthly and related information is typically posted in local businesses, banks, and newspapers.
      Dan Salvucci asked why landlords are not trying harder to get businesses in vacant buildings. Eric Arbeene stated that there are a lot of absentee landlords.
      Richard O'Flaherty stated that Central Square is part of a historical district. Could this have an impact on a property owner as far as renovations to meet specifications? Eric Arbeene does not believe this is the reason store fronts are vacant.
      Noreen O’Toole stated that if there is a perception that there is no parking available, then those businesses may look to locate elsewhere.
    2. East Bridgewater Center Market Analysis (District Local Technical Assistance)
      Eric Arbeene provided a presentation on the East Bridgewater Center Market Analysis.
      The goal of the East Bridgewater Center Market Analysis is to identify a set of strategies to enhance the East Bridgewater Center business district, the most significant concentration of commercial activity in East Bridgewater. OCPC has been coordinating with the staff members from the Town of East Bridgewater since early 2016 to develop a market analysis for the Center in support of a grant application to the MassDevelopment Brownfields Site Assessment Program for funding to conduct a site assessment on an 8-acre brownfield site in the Town Center with the expectation of redeveloping the site.
      John Haines thanked OCPC for their work on this project. Without the help of OCPC, this plan would not be possible.
      Richard O’Flaherty stated that OCPC did a great job compiling this project for the town of East Bridgewater.
    3. Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study – Existing Conditions Ray Guarino provided the existing conditions for the Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study.
      Traffic Volumes and Congestion: The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on Route 123 through Brockton Downtown varies between 8,000 and 13,000 vehicles per day. It is highest in Brockton east of Cary Street with 16,567 vehicles per day. The highest Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on Route 123 in Abington is 19,724 vehicles per day west of Rockland Street. The ADT through Abington varies between 10,000 and 19,724 vehicles per day. These high volumes on Route 123 west of Bedford Street (Route 18) and Rockland Street create long back-ups and delays in the eastbound direction during the peak hours, especially during the afternoon peak hour.
      Crash Experience: Route 123 in Brockton has a number of intersections in the top 5 percentile for the region where crashes are problematic including Centre Street (Route 123) at Plymouth Street, Centre Street (Route 123) at Montello Street (Route 28), Centre Street (Route 123) at Legion Parkway and Main Street, Warren Avenue (Route 123 westbound) at West Elm Street, Warren Avenue (Route 123 westbound) at Belmont Street (Route 123 eastbound), Belmont Street (Route 123 eastbound) at Main Street, Main Street at Crescent Street (Route 123), and Crescent Street (Route 123) at Montello Street (Route 28).
      Physical Conditions and the Built Environment: Route 123 is a two lane facility for most of the six miles in the geographic scope of the study. There are a couple of exceptions, including Centre Avenue (Route 123) just west of the Rockland line in Abington, which is a four way cross-section, and the one-way sections of Route 123 through Brockton Downtown. Route 123 is mostly urban with sidewalks on both sides of the road for almost the entire six miles of the geographic scope. The physical constraints that are most noticeable are in Brockton Downtown, which has height restrictions for trucks beneath the historic stone arch bridges and at intersections with limited truck turning radii on both the Route 123 eastbound and westbound route through the downtown.
  8. Other Business and Public Comment
    1. Community Local Technical Assistance Studies
      Kyle Mowatt reported on the following Community Local Technical Assistance Studies:
      • Bridgewater
        • Traffic Study of intersection of Pleasant Street (Route 104) at Elm Street
          · Data collected; Draft analysis sent to town for review; Report in development
        • Traffic Study of intersection of Bedford Street (Route 18/28) at Grove Street and Maple Avenue
          · Data collected and analysis underway
      • Duxbury
        • Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Study for Railroad Avenue
          · Data collection scheduled for Spring 2017
        • Feasibility Study for Tremont Street Sidewalk/Pedestrian Path
          · Consultation with town in progress
      • Easton
        • Traffic Study for Turnpike Street at Purchase Street, and Washington Street (Route 138) at Turnpike Street
          · Data collected and analysis underway
      • Hanover
        • Traffic Study for Woodland Drive Neighborhood
          · Report in Development
        • Safety and Alternatives Analysis for Mill Street at Hanover Mall / Mill Pond Drive
          · Report in development
      • Kingston
        • Traffic Study for Kingston Historic District
          · Data collected; Report in Development
        • Traffic Count for Cranberry Road
          · Data collection in progress
      • Plymouth
        • Road Safety Audit for Standish Avenue at Alden Street
          · Report in Development
      • West Bridgewater
        • Traffic Study of West Center Street (Route 106) and Crescent Street
          · Data collected; analysis underway
    2. Staff Reviews on ENFs, EIRs, and NPCs
      Eric Arbeene summarized the Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs), Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Notices of Project Changes (NPCs), and Certificates for projects within the OCPC region that are undergoing Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office review.
      New Projects Submitted as of December 8, 2016
      • ENF
        • EEA #15617 – ADM Tihonet Mixed Use Development Project, Phase C6 Federal Road West-Carver & Wareham: The project consists of developing an 8.4 megawatt solar energy facility, including solar modules, transformers, inverters, an internal gravel access drive and a security fence. Permanent impacts of the project are limited to land clearing and grading of the site. This clean energy project will result in over 14,939,400 lbs. of CO2 offsets per year and over 419,998,600 lbs. over a 30 year period.
      • DEIR
        • EEA #15542 – Commerce Way Plaza – Plymouth: The proponent is proposing the construction of a 4-story, 72,000 square foot, 165 room hotel; and three restaurants, each of which will be 1-story and approximately 4,900 square feet. Two of the restaurants will feature drive-through service. In total, the site will feature 285 parking spaces, generate 6,300 new daily trips, and consume 32,340 gallons of water per day.
      • NPC
        • EEA #15386 – Water Street Promenade Project – Plymouth: The subject of this NPC address proposed additions and modifications to the so-called Northern Section of the project. The proposed modifications are consistent with and will improve the Town’s original goal of improving pedestrian accommodations along the waterfront while addressing deteriorating infrastructure and the effects of climate change.
    3. Regional Concerns and Local Community Transportation Issues
      • Chairperson O’Toole thanked OCPC for all the hard work they do and for the luncheon. Chairperson O’Toole then wished everyone present a nice holiday and a happy new year.
  9. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 1:20 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Kyle Mowatt
    Transportation Planner

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