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September 2017 Council Meeting

Old Colony Planning Council

The five hundred and fortieth meeting of the Old Colony Planning Council was held on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at the Council offices located at 70 School Street, Brockton, MA.

OCPC Delegates/Alternates Present 
Sandra WrightBridgewater
Robert Moran Jr.Brockton
Preston HuckabeeBrockton Alternate
Jeanmarie JoyceEaston
Robert OverholtzerHanson
Lee HartmannPlymouth
Christine JoyPlympton
Eldon F. MoreiraWest Bridgewater
Fred GilmettiWhitman
Others Present
Pasquale CiaramellaOCPC
Raymond GuarinoOCPC
Patrick HamiltonOCPC
Bruce HughesOCPC
Communities Not Represented 
East Bridgewater 
  1. Call to Order, 7:00 PM
    In the absence of Council President Frank Staffier due to illness Council Secretary Fred Gilmetti called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
  2. Roll Call of Members
    Council Treasurer Christine Joy read the roll call. There was not a quorum of members present. Mr. Fred Gilmetti moved that the Council meet as the Executive Committee, seconded Mr. Mr. Eldon Moreira. So voted.
  3. Minutes of August 30, 2017 Meeting
    Council Secretary Gilmetti asked if there were any additions or corrections to the meeting minutes as prepared. Mr. Lee Hartmann moved to accept the minutes as prepared, seconded by Mr. Robert Moran Jr. So voted.
  4. Financial Report for August 2017
    Council Executive Director Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella presented the August, 2017 Financial Report. After discussion, Ms. Christine Joy moved to accept the August, 2017 financial report as prepared, seconded by Mr. Lee Hartmann Klein. So voted.
  5. Staff Report:
    Economic Development: Mr. Ciaramella said staff is working on the EDA work plan. There was a CEDS Committee meeting on September 11, 2017. The guest speaker was Mr. Gerard Weseen from EMERA. Mr. Weseen did a presentation on “The Atlantic Link” Project. The Project involves the installation of a subsea high-voltage direct-current transmission line from Nova Scotia to Plymouth MA. The next CEDS Committee meeting will be held on November 6, 2017 at noon. Area Agency on Aging: Staff is continuing work on the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and the Ombudsman Programs for FFY 2017. Staff has completed work on the FY 2018-2021 Area Plan and prioritized Recommendations for FY2018/2019 Funding. Patrick Hamilton will provide a Presentation later on the agenda. Transportation: Staff is continuing work on: Route 123 Traffic Study in Brockton and Abington (a presentation on the Route 123 Traffic Study will be provided later on the agenda), Route 53 Corridor Study in Hanover, Pembroke, Duxbury and Kingston, Pavement Management Program, BAT Ridership Report, and OCPC’s Traffic Counting Program. Staff also participated in a Road Safety Audit in Duxbury on August 31, 2017. Staff continues to provide Technical Assistance to our member communities and is working on numerous projects. Staff hosted the JTC meeting on September 7, 2017. There will be a JTC meeting and a MPO meeting in October. Comprehensive Planning: Staff is continuing work on the 2017 DLTA projects. Community Septic Management: Staff is continuing with the septic loan program. Communities in this program include Avon, Cohasset, Hanson, Kingston and Stoughton.
    Changes to OCPC Staff: James Watson, OCPC Comprehensive Planning Supervisor is retiring. His last day is September 29, 2017. Janet McGinty, OCPC Fiscal Officer is retiring at the end of 2017. This position have been advertised. Ms. Laurie Muncy started as OCPC Principle Comprehensive Planner on September 22. Mr. Ciaramella said he will be interviewing candidates for the Fiscal Officer position next month.
    A list of Upcoming Meetings/Events for September, October and November 2017 was included in the meeting packet.
  6. Regional Clearinghouse Reviews
    Industrial Revenue Bond (Information Only):
    Environmental Notifications (information only):
    i. Plymouth - EEE # 15764 Atlantic Link Project (ENF) - The Atlantic Link Project (the “Project”) is located primarily within the Atlantic Ocean, between Coleson Cove, New Brunswick, Canada, and Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Project involves the installation of a subsea high-voltage direct-current (“HVdc”) transmission line to deliver clean energy from Atlantic Canada to Massachusetts, approximately 19 miles of which will traverse Massachusetts state waters. At landfall in Plymouth, the Project would include the construction of an underground HVdc cable extending approximately 2,375 feet, HVdc converter station, substation, and transmission line tap within currently undeveloped land owned by Entergy (owner of Pilgrim Station). Construction of the Project will serve the public interest by providing Massachusetts and the New England electricity system with long-term access to clean energy at stable prices from land-based wind farms and hydro facilities in Atlantic Canada.
    Commencing in December 2022, the approximately 375-mile Atlantic Link cable will deliver onshore wind, firmed by hydro power, directly to Massachusetts through new facilities connected to existing transmission infrastructure adjacent to the soon-to-retire Pilgrim nuclear station at Plymouth. Project construction will create jobs in and substantial economic benefit for, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Atlantic Link will deliver 5.69 terawatt hours (TWh) of clean energy annually from Atlantic Canada directly to Massachusetts.
    CPNE is actively engaging permitting agencies and other stakeholders to solicit feedback on Atlantic Link’s two route alternatives. These route alternatives are the result of desktop studies, consultations and a detailed marine survey conducted in May 2017. Feedback from stakeholders is critical to the route alternatives analysis being developed for permit applications.
    Atlantic Link will significantly contribute toward the Commonwealth’s achievement of legislated requirements for sustainable, long-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The project will fundamentally diversify the state’s energy supply through a new, direct transmission connection to a region with abundant incremental non-emitting energy resources. Atlantic Link will deliver low-cost clean energy and optimize infrastructure that would otherwise be unused (or underutilized) following closure in 2019 of the Pilgrim nuclear station.
    Atlantic Link’s project developer and owner, Clean Power Northeast Development, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emera Inc., a geographically diverse energy and services company headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Emera has approximately $23 billion in assets and 2016 revenues of more than $3 billion. The company invests in electricity generation, transmission and distribution, gas transmission and distribution, and utility energy services with a strategic focus on transformation from high carbon to low carbon energy sources.
  7. Old Business
    1. Update on 2017 District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) Program. Mr. Ciaramella discussed the 2017 DLTA projects that OCPC Staff is currently working on by community. For Abington, OCPC is working with the town on becoming a Green Community. The Abington Spring Town Meeting approved a Stretch Zoning Code, an important element in the community receiving Green Community designation. Staff is also working on a secondary entrance/exit to the high school/middle school, town hall and the town library. The Town of Bridgewater Housing Production Plan is about 80% complete. For Brockton, staff is working on a housing strategy and the Campello Visioning Plan. Staff is also working on a housing production plan for Plympton. For Easton, OCPC is working on a list of available commercial and industrial properties and creation of an industrial/commercial property site finder. Much work on this has been completed. For Pembroke, OCPC has completed a guide for doing business in town. For Stoughton, OCPC will work on a study of the highest and best uses of the Campanelli Industrial Park off Park Street. On a regional basis, OCPC is working with the Town of Plymouth on the closure of the Entergy nuclear power plant. OCPC is also working on Municipal Electric Aggregation in the OCPC Region and Water/Wastewater program.
  8. New Business
    1. PRESENTATION ON AREA AGENCY ON AGING (AAA) 2018-2021 AREA PLAN. Mr. Patrick Hamilton, OCPC AAA Administrator presented. The Old Colony Planning Council is the designated Area Agency on Aging (OCPC-AAA) for the 23-community region in Southeast Massachusetts known as Region IV-A. The OCPC-AAA is a working partner with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA), and the federal Administration on Community Living (ACL). The OCPC-AAA is responsible for administering the Older Americans Act (OAA) funding in Greater Plymouth County. With the 2018-2021 Area Plan on Aging, we seek to outline our role and function in the Massachusetts elder service network, and provide a framework for achieving the goals of the mission and vision statement. This Plan presents a detailed explanation of our most recent elder needs assessment process, the goals and partnerships for addressing the focus areas of the ACL, the OCPC-AAA Area Plan goals and objectives for the next four years, and a summary of the quality management measures used to monitor program and agency performance. Council action required. After discussion, Ms. Christine Joy moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Lee Hartmann. So voted.
    2. REVIEW AND CONSIDERATION – AAA-FFY 2018-2019 TITLE III PROPOSAL SUMMARIES/RECOMMENDATIONS. Mr. Patrick Hamilton, OCPC AAA Administrator presented the list of agencies proposed to be funded with descriptions of what they will use the funding for and dollar amounts of the funding. Council action required. After discussion, Ms. Christine Joy moved to approve the AAA-FFY 2018-2019 Title III Proposal Summaries/Recommendations, seconded by Mr. Lee Hartmann. So voted.
    3. PRESENTATION ON THE ABINGTON AND BROCKTON ROUTE 123 CORRIDOR STUDY. Mr. Raymond Guarino, OCPC Senior Transportation Planner presented. This study focuses on the Route 123 corridor from the Brockton downtown (Warren Avenue/Belmont Street intersection) to the Abington /Rockland town line, and will cover approximately six miles of Route 123. The purpose is to study traffic in depth and develop short-term and long-term solutions to enhance traffic circulation, reduce congestion, and improve safety. The study will consider the Complete Streets approach, which includes designing and retrofitting streets for all users including transit customers and operators, walkers and bicyclists. Public input from both Abington and Brockton has been sought. There has been extensive public meetings with stakeholders for input to the project. Problem areas have been identified. A number of alternative short-term and long-term improvements will be considered to alleviate specific problems. The final study report includes an implementation program outlining how and when recommendations of the plan will be implemented and identifies potential funding.
  9. Community Concerns:
    1. CITY OF BROCKTON COUNCIL ON AGING (BCOA) FACILITY EXPANSION. Mr. Preston Huckabee, OCPC Brockton Alternate says the BCOA has presented a Strategic Plan to expand their facility by 10,000 square feet. They are looking for review and comment on this plan.
  10. Other Business: UPDATE ON LETTERS TO DUXBURY, HANOVER, PEMBROKE AND STOUGHTON SEEKING GUIDANCE ON METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION (MPO) DESIGNATION. Mr. Ciaramella gave an update. These letters were sent out in June. OCPC has received letters from Hanover and Pembroke saying they will stay with Old Colony MPO. We received word from Duxbury and Stoughton that they have voted to stay with Old Colony MPO as well. We will be getting letters from them confirming the votes. Next year, MARPA may revisit the allocation of TIP money based on these confirmations of support.
  11. Visitors Comments/Questions: There were none.
  12. Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Fred Gilmetti, Secretary
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