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District Local Technical Assistance

What is District Local Technical Assistance?

Established by Chapter 205 of the Acts of 2006, the DLTA Program enables the Commonwealth's 13 Regional Planning Agencies (RPA) to provide technical assistance to their member communities. Each year, OCPC receives an allocation of funds to provide this assistance. Proposed projects must fall into one of the following priority areas to be considered eligible for technical assistance: Planning Ahead for Housing, Planning Ahead for Growth, and Supporting the Community Compact, including Regionalization.

Examples of Previous DLTA Projects

Brockton Land Use Trend Report

Brockton Land Use Trend Report

The Brockton Land Use Trend Report aimed to examine a variety of parcel data and identify where commercial, industrial, residential, civic and institutional land uses are located. Through an analysis of its current land use, Brockton can plan for the efficient use of one its most valued resources. The report uses comparisons with several nearby communities and similar-sized cities throughout the Commonwealth, and identifies conflicts between zoning and actual land uses. The full report is available here.

Downtown Bridgewater Plan

Downtown Bridgewater Plan

The goal of the Downtown Bridgewater Plan is to determine the type of development that can be supported by the market, to identify where there are key development opportunities and to develop strategies for the Town to attract desired development in the Downtown. The study begins by analyzing a number of existing conditions, including a review of demographic and socioeconomic conditions, as well as the existing land use and zoning within the study area. OCPC then staff analyzed key retail and housing market data to develop recommendations to enhance the area in order to better support current local businesses, to broaden the current customer base, and to attract additional targeted development. This analysis, combined with significant input received from a Consumer Survey that was conducted in December 2015 informed the series of recommendations highlighted in Section VIII of this document. The final report is available here.

East Bridgewater Market Analysis

East Bridgewater Center Market Analysis

The Town of East Bridgewater contracted with OCPC to produce a market analysis of the town's central business district. The market analysis examines the type of commercial development that can be supported within the town based on the existing land use and zoning, demographics and socioeconomic conditions. OCPC was then able to create recommendations of the type and scope of retail development that could be supported within the business district. The final report is available here.

Route 28 Study Report Cover

Brockton/West Bridgewater:Route 28 Existing Conditions Study

The City of Brockton and the Town of West Bridgewater requested that OCPC conduct an existing conditions study along a 0.75 mile stretch of Route 28 that spans the two communities as the first step in an effort to improve the economic conditions in the area. Over the past fifteen years, economic activity within the area has continually deteriorated to the point where this once thriving commercial area now features a number of vacant storefronts and the availbaility of more than 135,000 square feet of commercial space. The final report is available here: Brockton-West Bridgewater Route 28 Existing Conditions Study.

Duxbury Hall's Corner Report Cover

Duxbury: Hall's Corner

The Town of Duxbury requested OCPC to initiate a development strategy/market analysis for Hall's Corner in Duxbury. Hall's Corner is Duxbury's largest business area, but consists of a disjointed combination of three business areas. Due to the lack of cohesion between these three areas, shoppers often drive from one are to another even though the distance between them is minimal and adds unnecessary traffic to an already busy area. In October, OCPC released the final report, available here: Duxbury Hall's Corner Economic Development and Transportation Study.

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