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See Something Say Something

Massachusetts, through the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and MEMA, and in partnership with the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, has launched a statewide See Something Say Something™ public awareness campaign to encourage the public to report suspicious behaviors to the police. See Something Say Something™ was a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2010 to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity, specifically behaviors indicative of or a precursor to terrorism, to state and local law enforcement agencies. The initiative highlights the important role the public and local information play in maintaining a safe environment and preventing terrorism. Remember if you see something suspicious report it to your local police department or call 9-1-1. For more information, visit MEMA's website.

FY 2015 MBTA Fare Change Proposal

The MBTA proposes to increase fares by 5% on July 1, 2014, as part of the effort to balance the Authority's FY15 budget.

The fare increase is projected to raise MBTA fare revenue by approximately 4% ($20 to 24m in new fare revenue) and result in less than a 1% reduction in ridership (2.8m to 3.8m trips). The fare increase is consistent with the needs expressed in Governor Patrick's Way Forward Plan issued in January 2013 and with the Transportation Finance legislation enacted in July 2013.

The MBTA website on the fare proposal has materials about the proposal and the public review process scheduled for April 2014. Also available here is background information on the MBTA and peer transit agencies as well as the MBTA's Title VI Civil Rights Program proposed Disparate Impact/Disproportionate Burden policy.

Central Square Study Completed

The Old Colony Planning Council is pleased to announce the completion of the Central Square Parking, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Traffic Operations Improvement Plan completed for the Town of Bridgewater as part of the South Coast Rail Technical Assistance Program. The Central Square Parking, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Traffic Operations Improvement Plan includes several alternatives focused on changing the Central Square parking program and adding auxiliary improvements to bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic conditions to complement the recent Central Business District (CBD) mixed use zoning changes and the future Town facility improvements. This report can be downloaded here.

More funding available for the Old Colony Bicycle Parking Program

The Old Colony Planning Council is pleased to announce a second round of funding for the Bicycle Parking Program. This program provides full reimbursement of the cost of purchasing bicycle racks (excluding shipping and installation costs). More information on the program is available at our Bike Parking Program page.

Attend our Southwest Brockton Corridor Study Public Workshop

Corridor Study Area in Southwest Brockton

OCPC is conducting the 2014 Southwest Brockton Corridor Study focusing on the Forest Avenue corridor, from Belmont Street to Main Street, including portions of Belmont Street, Torrey Street, and West Street. The purpose of the study is to evaluate traffic operations and safety (including transit, pedestrian, and bicycle travel), within the study area, and to develop short term and long term solutions to traffic congestion and safety problems. Please attend the workshop and help develop a plan for future improvements. Further information is available here:

Funding for District Local Technical Assistance Available

The Old Colony Planning Council is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth has once again provided funding for the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) Program. This program will enable OCPC to provide much needed technical assistance to member communities. Proposed projects must fall into one of the following priority funding areas to be considered eligible for technical assistance:

Click here for a copy of our DLTA solicitation request, which includes examples of eligible projects for each priority funding area as well as information on the project selection criteria and a project request form.

Please note that OCPC will consider project requests received by January 31, 2014. Requests received after January 31, 2014 will be accepted only if resources are available. For additional information, please contact Community Planner Eric Arbeene by email or at (508) 583-1833 Ext. 213.

Participate in the 2014 Southwest Brockton Corridor Study Survey

Participate in the 2014 Southwest Brockton Corridor Study Survey

The Old Colony Planning Council is conducting a traffic corridor study that focuses on the southwest section of Brockton and is seeking your participation in this study! The purpose of the study is to evaluate traffic operations and safety in the study area (including transit, pedestrian, and bicycle travel) and to develop short term and long term solutions to traffic congestion and safety problems. You are invited to participate in the discussion by taking our 2014 Southwest Brockton Corridor Study Survey.

Stormwater Mapping Assistance Project Report Released

The report 2013 Stormwater Mapping Assistance Project, which was developed from the Climate Change Roadway Drainage and Runoff Program, is now available on the project page. Towns that are interested in assistance on meeting the stormwater mapping requirements of the EPA's NPDES permit should contact Andrew Vidal for more information.

South Coast Rail Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report Released

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District has completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement for South Coast Rail. You may view the Public Notice, FEIS Fact Sheet and other information, and download the document at the Army Corps of Engineers website.

Regional 911 Feasability Study Now Available

The Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) in conjunction with the communities of Bridgewater, Duxbury, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Kingston, Plymouth, Plympton, and Whitman recently completed a Regional 911 Emergency Communications Center Dispatch Feasibility Study. The Study looked at the possibility of establishing a Regional 911 Emergency Communication Center (RECC) in the region. OCPC and its member agencies have been exploring the concept of a shared 911 dispatch center for a number of years. In 2011 OCPC successfully applied for a development grant from the Massachusetts State 911 Department to perform a consolidation study, and contracted with AECOM to perform the study. Any questions, comments or concerns, can be emailed to Community Planner Eric Arbeene or by phone at (508) 583-1833 Ext. 213.

Regional Policy Plan Update Underway

OCPC is currently in the process of updating its Regional Policy Plan (RPP). Last updated in 2000, the RPP serves as a guide for the physical, economic, and social development of the region. The 2000 RPP is available to download at our Reports page, and further information on the RPP can be found at our Regional Policy Plan page.

2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity and Livability Study Released

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Study for 2012 is now available at our Reports page. This report is the result of an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure conditions collected during the first phase of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Study, which is also available here. The report identifies the best routes for a bike network, recommendations to improve weak links in the bicycle and pedestrian network, and prioritizes sites that need improvements. For more information about this study, contact Kyle Mowatt.

The State of Stormwater Mapping Report Released

The 2012 Roadway Drainage and Runoff study is now available on our Reports page. This report examines the progress our communities have made towards fulfilling the requirements of the EPA's Phase II NPDES permit, which is set to be issued soon. The State of Stormwater Mapping the OCPC Region details what is required by the communities, how they are currently complying with the regulations, and what OCPC can do to help. For more information about the project, please contact Andrew Vidal.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

May 8: JTC Meeting
The May meeting of the Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) will be held on Thursday, May 8th at 12 PM at the OCPC offices in Brockton. The agenda for this meeting will be available soon.

May 20: MPO Meeting
The Old Colony Metropolitan Planning Organization will meet on Tuesday, May 20 at 10 AM at the OCPC offices in Brockton. An agenda for this meeting will be available soon.

Title 5 Sewer and Septic Loans Available for Homeowners:
Homeowners from the communities of Hanson, Kingston, Pembroke, and Stoughton may apply for loans to repair failing septic systems. For more information on this program, visit our page on the Community Septic Management Program.

South Coast Rail Draft Environmental Impact Statement:
The Army Corps of Engineers has made available the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The document, and related information, is available at MassDOT's webpage about South Coast Rail.

Upper Taunton River Regional Wastewater Evaluation Project:
The Old Colony Planning Council is involved in a cooperative regional initiative to address wastewater issues in the Upper Taunton River basin. Maps, presentations, and more information is available at the project's web site.

FFY 2013 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects:
OCPC's Annual Listing of Projects is available for Public Review.